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Affordable Cement Tile

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Cement Tile Outlet Provides Cement Tile At Affordable Prices For Any Look

It can be difficult to decide what kind of look you want for your kitchen. Rustic? Farmhouse? Or maybe a combination of two looks like modern with hints of traditional? Whatever you do decide, you need to let cement tiles be a part of your overall design. At Cement Tile Outlet we have a variety of different hand made cement tiles with prices that won't break the bank. Our cement tiles are hand crafted and vary in color, shape and size. We have traditional cement tiles that go with just about any sort of look as well as hexagonal and fishtail shapes that can help give a customized look to your kitchen (or any room in your house).

But why do we love cement tile so much? For one thing, cement tiles are extremely versatile and durable. Cement tiles are not fired, and we do not add a glaze layer on the surface of our tiles. Instead, there is a combination of very fine dehydrated cement and sand, which gets compacted real tight to withstand the pressures of daily life. The top pigment layer is hydraulically pressed into the surface and actually becomes part of the tile as opposed to a sheen or veneer being placed on top as a separate layer, as in ceramic. Next, the cement tiles are soaked in a water bath for 24 hours and then set to dry for another week at our factory. 

By the time they arrive at our New Jersey warehouse, they are ready to be placed in any kitchen, bathroom and indeed any other room in houses across the United States and beyond. And when you work with the professionals here at Cement Tile Outlet you get top quality cement tiles and professional advice about these beautiful cement tiles. If you are redecorating give us a call today!

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