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About Cement Tiles

Cement tiles first made their debut in mid-19th century Spain; within a matter of a decade, they had made there way to Paris. Shortly thereafter, the unique tiles, accompanied by their artisans who taught their techniques, made their journey to America. A common high-end floor fitting, it was widely used at the turn of the 20th century. Their popularity lessened around 1920, but regained it largely in the 40’s proving that these marvelous works of art are timeless! Modern day cement tiles are still produced with similar painstaking and tedious process, incorporating contemporary and vivid designs.

Cement tiles are a fabulous choice for any new development, or a revamping of an old area. An extremely effective option to instantly, and easily transform any space into a breathtaking sight. They’re extraordinarily durable, yet they still manage to have an extremely esthetically pleasing appearance.