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The beauty of cement tiles, aside of course from their actual esthetic beauty, is that they can adapt to almost any setting, any surface and any room, including outdoor spaces. A client recently sent us photos of her backsplash, kitchen, and bathroom that she created using cement tiles from Cement Tile Outlet. I am always thrilled to see the creations come to life using our hand made cement tiles, but then I noticed something peculiar. In the background of one of the pictures, I some brightly colored, custom designed planters caught my eye. I called her up.

“Are those cement tile planters?” I asked.

She told me that she had some leftover tiles from the project in addition to some sample tiles we sent her months back, and she had decided to utilize them for some cement tile DIY projects around the house. They really came out spectacular.

This is the root of what makes cement tiles so versatile. Since there are almost an unlimited amount of patterns out there now that work with almost every style, it’s important to experiment with different ideas that as long as it goes with your overall theme. A good rule to guide you is to keep the tile reminiscent of the style of your house or living space. In so doing, you will give the tile longevity in style and design. While you can decide what you want the house to look like ultimately, you can mix time periods and styles like postmodern graphics and some ancient Egyptian rural designs to create a beautiful patchwork.

At Cement Tile Outlet we strive to achieve perfection in the quality and design of our tiles. All of our tiles are handmade and each batch is checked over thoroughly for thickness, durability and longevity. However, since they are handmade, each batch is also unique from one another so to eliminate mismatching, we urge you to consider how many tiles you need when placing an order and err on the side of caution so you don’t run out midway through a project. If you have any questions about cement tile design, do not hesitate to call us at Cement Tile Outlet. We hope to brighten you home soon!

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