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Cement Tiles - An Elegant Solution To Any Room

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Our handmade cement tiles will brighten up any room in your home and are suitable for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or outdoors. You can put them anywhere, we have seen them used effectively in bedrooms or even a portion of a living room to lighten things up. They are also a fabulous choice for a backyard or front walk. We have helped create cement tile patios and cement tile bathrooms and got equally rave reviews from all our customers. The reason is because cement tiles unlike some other materials grow better with age. as opposed to wearing out. We have many different collections such as our Contemporary Cement Tile Collection, our Terrazzo Cement Tile Collection and our Patchwork Cement Tile Collection.

Contemporary Cement Tiles

This collection of cement tiles is a fabulous choice for any new project or room in your home or even just rehabilitating an existing area. It is an effective and colorful option to instantly and easily transform any space into a breathtaking sight that brings not only color but texture into the space. Cement tiles are extraordinarily durable and can withhold use and weather, and yet they are elegant enough to maintain an extremely esthetically pleasing appearance. The contemporary style is made by hand and really helps to modernize with its up to date appearance. Browse our contemporary cement tile collection to see all the different options.

Terrazzo Cement Tiles

The terrazzo cement tile collection is so beautiful because it is essentially flooring material consisting of chips of marble set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface. Of all the collections, this one may have the most character because of the added layer of chips that give it the unique feel of European elegance. From simple to sophisticated, and from classic to contemporary, our Terrazzo cement tile collection brings the elegance and beauty of terrazzo and resinous flooring to your home. We have employed this beautifully both indoors and outdoors so feel free to browse and discover where it will work best for you.

Patchwork Cement Tiles

Patchwork cement tiles have become incredibly popular lately, due to the pop that they bring to any room and their overall durability of what you can do with them. They are essentially an assortment of times that you can use on the walls and/or on the floors. Think patterned tiles arranged in a patchwork quilt fashion - hence the name. It's one of the trends that has been very popular in Europe, and from a flooring perspective, you can lay them out in a room to look like an area rug, but done in tiles. You can put them under a kitchen table or lay them out on an outdoor patio instead of an outside area rug. They make a beautiful backsplash in a kitchen or laundry room or just a portion of your living room wall or floor. Or both.

Check out our various cement tile designs and give us a call if you have any questions.


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